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We believe you weren't created or designed to go through life alone. CREW is more than just clothing, it's a calling. CREW was created out of a desire & passion to help others grow in community, and to know they are not alone. Our hope is that our brand would unite each other & build a community of people from any background, ethnicity, circumstance or situation. we want to help you find community, and help you find your CREW. Whether it's Finding, Joining or Creating we believe there is a CREW for YOU! :)


What's a Crew?

A Crew is who you choose to do life with. Whether thats 3 people or 15, we believe healthy community is done with others. People who are in your corner on the good days, and lifting you up on the bad days. We believe no one should go through life alone, so whether you have a crew, or are looking for one, we want to help you find healthy community. No matter who you are, where you live, or where you come from, we want to help you find, join, or create a CREW just for YOU! You matter, and we are here to help you find people who you can do life with! To find a Crew near you, or to start one, head over to our CREWS tab.